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Let me start off my apologizing that I can’t embed this excellent LEGO Blocumentary into the page.  For whatever reason, LEGO decided to make it difficult.

Anyway, follow the link, and enjoy the 4th and final part of this LEGO video about what it means to be an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO).  Directed by Jess Gibson, it takes you behind the scenes of some of the most influential LEGO builders out there.  Fascinating, and very well done.

LEGO Blocumentary

LEGO Blocumentary

Blocumentary Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It’s nice to have a style and when people recognize your work.

-I did not catch the name of this AFOL…

I really enjoyed the first three parts of this LEGO Blocumentary, but the end was sort of boring to me.  It basically seemed to culminate with all the previously highlighted AFOLs being at BrickCon 2009.  That would have been cool if they would have delved more into that.  Instead, you got a high level over view look at the event, sound quick sound bites from the AFOLs, and an interview with a TFOL.  That’s really all I got from the final chapter.

The most interesting part for me was when the TFOL mentioned being know for his whimsical style.  I have to say, I don’t have a style as far as I can tell.  I build a little of everything, but there are certainly those out there whose work can easily be picked out of a crowd.

What about you?  Do you have a particular building style?  Is it recognizable to others?

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