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Let me start off my apologizing that I can’t embed this excellent LEGO Blocumentary into the page.  For whatever reason, LEGO decided to make it difficult.

Anyway, follow the link, and enjoy part two of this LEGO video about what it means to be an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO).  Directed by Jess Gibson, it takes you behind the curtains of some of the most influential LEGO builders out there.  Fascinating, and very well done.

LEGO Blocumentary

Blocumentary Part 2

What defines us?  Our love of the brick.  We’re fascinated by the amazing possibilities.  We enjoy making our imaginations into something tangible.  It’s another art medium.

-Tom Rafert, AFOL

I totally agree with what Tom Rafert, of SEALUG I believe, had to say about being an AFOL.  I just love creating abstract ideas and things with tangible bricks.  I find it to be like solving a puzzle.  Finding the right piece, or the right technique, to express what I am trying to say.  LEGO building is indeed very artistic.

What I didn’t realize is how big Flickr has become to the AFOL community, as pointed out by Mr. Rafert.  He attributes the LEGO hobby growing “by leaps and bounds” to Flickr, and the ease of sharing your creations with so many people; being able to get comments on your work.  Flickr opened up the LEGO hobby to so many more participants.

I need to revisit by own Flickr account, and start posting all my A LEGO A Day images there, linking to them from Flickr.

Another interesting topic came up in this portion of the LEGO Blocumentary.  These are some of the characteristics found in most AFOLs.  I must say, I agree, and fit these perfectly myself.

  • have technical backgrounds
  • intelligent
  • easy-going
  • engineering personalities
  • but with an artistic side

I Like to bend the brick; to make it round.

What do you think?  Do you agree with the AFOL characteristics outlined in this LEGO Blocumenetary?

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