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You may be asking yourself, “What’s up with All About the Bricks?” With my lack of usual post activity, this is a fair question!

Well, here’s what I’ve been up to. Nothing too exciting, sadly, though there are several LEGO related items…

  • I’ve had a huge spike in Bricklink sales.  This is good.  It will help finance some upcoming LEGO projects.  I can only assume this is pre-holiday shopping.  This all takes a lot of time to find the items, pack the items, and ship the items.
  • I’ve bought a few sets that I built as display pieces including the LEGO Birds set, The Big Bang Theory set, and the UCS Slave 1.  I plan on lighting this one up, and plan to learn LED lighting in the process.
  • I have decided to Bricklink the holy grail of LEGO for me; the 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon.  This is going to be a long, slow process.  I’ve gone through about 10% of my collection so far amassing pieces.  I want to Bricklink as little as possible.

So that’s it for me.  What have YOU been up to?  And if you can offer any advice on LED lighting, please share!

I am an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) and an active member of the Michigan LEGO User Group (MichLUG). I have loved LEGO for as long as I can remember. I am currently working on the following models:
– UCS Millenium Falcon
– Emmett’s Apartment Building
– Gringott’s Bank

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