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Soon after The LEGO Group announced a drop in revenue and the need to layoff 1400 works, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy.  While I am not surprised by this news, I am saddened for sure.  Toys R Us is the last dedicated toy store in the country.  I have many fond memories of visiting Toys R Us with mom when I was a child, just looking at all the toys on the shelves in awe.

Who Shops At Toys R Us?

Today, Toys R Us is known for it’s ridiculously high prices, especially on LEGO.  LEGO sets routinely run 20-30% over MSRP.  I think this pricing strategy has forced most Toys R Us shoppers to look for cheaper alternatives like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.  I only go to Toys R Us when I hear about current clearance sales.  I think the only people who shop here regularly are older customers like my mom who does it out of habit, or because they have not embraced technology.

Was Toys R Us Always Like This?

I wonder if it was always like this?  Were their prices always super high?  I honestly don’t remember.  I always remember them having a huge selection of anything I was looking for, but I don’t remember prices.  As I read more and more about this bankruptcy, I was shocked to learn Toys R Us is operating under five billion dollars of debt.  That’s incredible.  I wonder what the value of their accumulated inventory is in comparison.

Head over to the Washington Post to read more.

What are your thoughts on the financial woes of Toys R Us and The LEGO Group?

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