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So my biggest LEGO regret, without a doubt, is passing up the legendary UCS LEGO Millenium Falcon.  I even had a chance to pick one up on sale for $375.  I kick myself every time I see one….


Rumors are gaining strength that I may be able to right this wrong later this year!UCS LEGO Millenium Falcon

That’s right!  A Eurobricks member who has proved to be a reliable source in the past, says we may be looking at a new UCS LEGO Millenium Falcon this October.  There is a down side to this awesome information, however.  What could that be, you ask?  Well, this UCS LEGO Millenium Falcon could be priced between $600 – $800 USD.  Time to start saving your money!

According to the rumors, the set will include minifigures for the original trilogy as well as the sequel trilogy.

I, for one, will be praying for this rumor to be true!

Would you pay $600 – $800 for a LEGO set?


I am an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) and an active member of the Michigan LEGO User Group (MichLUG). I have loved LEGO for as long as I can remember. I am currently working on the following models:
– UCS Millenium Falcon
– Emmett’s Apartment Building
– Gringott’s Bank

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