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Neo-Classic LEGO Space creation - Cold Moon Base - All About The Bricks
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I loved Classic LEGO Space as a kid.  The Galaxy Explorer will always hold a special place in my heart.  This is why I am a huge fan of the Neo-Classic LEGO Space movement!  Check out this incredible Moon Base by Migalart

Neo-Classic LEGO Space

Aside from being an incredible model, I love the photography. It certainly feels like a cold moon base located somewhere isolated. Somewhere remote.

Give these pictures a good look.  There are a ton of little details that really bring the scene to life.

LEGO Space

You usually don’t see this level of landscaping in a non-castle MOC.  This Neo-Classic LEGO Space model features beautifully sculpted rocky terrain.  Excellent work.LEGO Cold Moon Base

I LOVE this picture.  It really gives you that sense of cold space with its descent into what looks like a deep crevice.  I can just see a spaceman clinging to the outside of this tower in a space movie.

Classic LEGO Space

Not only is the base fantastic, but check out the Neo-Classic LEGO Space vehicles.  The angles on the yellow spacecraft are beautiful.  And I’d love to get a better look at that blue vehicle to the lower right.  It looks like some sort of heavy bomber.Neo Clasic LEGO SpaceThe behind the scenes work is top notch.  Just look at all the activities going on!  And yet another sweet looking vehicle.

Excellent work here.  How do you feel about Neo-Classic LEGO Space creations?  Have you seen this MOC yet?


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