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The Modular line of LEGO buildings is by far my favorite LEGO line.  Ever.  I was hooked the first time I saw the Cafe Corner advertised on the back of a LEGO catalogue.  Since the Cafe Corner, each subsequent modular building has been better than its predecessor.

Until now.

I’m just not feeling the Modular LEGO Detective Office.


All the previous modulars (Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, Grand Emporium Town Hall, etc.) had a nostalgic charm. They seemed like an idealistic representation of simpler times in Anytown, USA.  Modular Main Street just felt friendly, affluent, and well kept.

The modular LEGO Detective Office seems… seedier; like it’s from the other side of the tracks.  It seems grittier, more modern.  And it seems smaller.  I am feeling very underwhelmed by this one.

I’ll still buy one for the parts, no doubt, but this is the first LEGO modular that will most likely get huge modifications.


Even on the rear box art it just looks out of place.

As for the interior, this is inferior to those modulars that come before it.  A pool hall with one table?  A barbershop with one chair?  This really should be two buildings.

Ironic that my least favorite modular may be the first of which I end up buying two copies.  Hmmmmmm…..dy85gw2ylj5jkvlugaw2


So to get to the detective’s office, you need to go through the apartment, which only appears to contain a bathroom?hvihpyixumhjtgvdgsph


I see no bathroom in the apartment, either.pgdywxgowbrq4v8gpbv9Sorry, LEGO, I’m just feeling this one.  If it’s $159.99 like the Parisian Cafe, I might just stop being modular complete.

What do you think of the Modular LEGO Detective Office?


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