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A couple of days ago, I posted a modular LEGO barber shop by valgarise. Technically, it wasn’t in the style of modular LEGO buildings, but it had some great details. Today, I bring you a bunch of modular LEGO building ideas by valgarise.


I love his use of color.  The dark green and tan work incredibly well together, and I thing the red accents really make this restaurant pop.

Modular LEGO building ideas

I think the 2×2 round column bricks work really well as part of the wall.  They give a nice curved detail on the outside, and a nice striped look to the inside.  My favorite part of this particular model?  The waited with the corkscrew opening the bottle on wine.  Awesome!Interior

I really like the way the window treatments were done in this next model.  Creating them as  single piece that simply snaps into place opens up all sorts of building opportunities.  While they use up a lot of specialty pieces, the look is perfect for this building.Ventanas

Ever since I got my first collectible minifigures, I thought it would a cool idea to build a modular building, or at least a floor in one, for each character.  This magic shop gives me a bunch of modular LEGO building ideas!  I love magic, so something like this is a must have.  I also enjoy going to the gym, so I’ll need one for the weight lifter.  What other characters need their own space?Mago

This room is full of awesome details:

  • curtains
  • coach
  • piano
  • floor lamp
  • bust of Napoleon

TONS of Modular LEGO building ideas!


I love two things about this next model:

  1. I love the look achieved by SNOT mounting the gray tiles on the second floor.  It really looks like brick work.
  2. I see that yellow can be used effectively as a color for modular LEGO buildings.  I thought it would be too bright.



I love the stove and the hood fan in this little interior model.5.-Primera planta

The whimsical details in this bakery scene are fantastic.  Love the pastry chef icing the cake with a feather plume.  Love the use of the white turban as bread dough being mixed.  And the chef rolling out dough with the rolling-pin is outstanding.Detalle1

So, did you get any modular LEGO building ideas from these MOCs?  I know I saw a lot of inspiration.  Can’t wait to find some time to get building!

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