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When I saw the first modular LEGO building, the Cafe Corner, I knew I had to have it.  I could not believe I was considering paying $150 for a toy.  I did find it discounted on Amazon, but after building it, I realized it was worth every penny.  And I was hooked.

The Modular LEGO Building Theme Is My Favorite

Before the modular LEGO building series came out, I was a castle guy.  That’s all I wanted to do; build a huge castle and an impressive army.  After building the Cafe Corner, my interests shifted towards City/Town.  We are building a new house, and I have big plans for the basement where I will show off my modular LEGO building collection.

My LEGO House

I will also get started building my own.  In preparation for MOCing my own modular LEGO building, I started looking for inspiration, and I found it on Eurobricks.  A topic was started by LegoModularFan to document builders advice for getting started on modular LEGO building.  Here, I share with you some of the common thoughts:

  • Most builders agree.  Start in LDD or another LEGO Digital Designer tool.  It’s easier to conceptualize your design, and make quick changes.  You’ll continue making changes as you build, but you’ll have a good starting point.  If you design digitally, you can generate a parts list making your Bricklinking and parts gathering that much easier!
  • Start with the second floor facade.  This is where you start adding depth and texture and avoid to Big Ugly Wall syndrome.  The first floor usually has big windows and less detail.  The second floor brings your MOC to life!
  • Inspiration comes from everywhere, but it’s usually easier to find a building you love and capture its essence.
  • Decide on a color palette early on, and design to it.  Make sure parts are available in the colors you want.
  • If you need inspiration for window ideas, or other facade details, look to Flickr!
  • Lastly, get this book!

What would you add to this list?

If you’d like to read more about modular LEGO building, read the full thread on Eurobricks.

What’s your favorite modular LEGO building set?

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