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When I see beautiful LEGO WWII models, I will always blog them; LEGO WWII aircraft especially.  Check out this LEGO P-61, jeep, and tanker.  All beautifully done by the Mad Physicist.

LEGO WWII Aircraft P-61 'Black Widow' diorama (2)

LEGO WWII Aircraft – P-61

I think the only time I’ve ever seen a P-61 was in Indiana Jones, which is a shame. It is an incredible looking aircraft, and even color looking built from LEGO!

P-61 'Black Widow' diorama, v.2 (2)

I love how the wings swoop up towards the tips, and I love how the complicated cockpit was achieved. This LEGO WWII aircraft model is a seriously complicated build!

P-61 'Black Widow' diorama, v.2 (1)

As nice as the P-61 is itself, I’m also loving the jeep and the tanker. Both are simple, beautifully recreated models.

P-61 'Black Widow' diorama (1)

There’s something about these 5-wide vehicles that really speaks to me. It seems to be the perfect width for minifigure scaled vehicles.

P-61 Black Widow with air- and ground crew

Have you come across other outstanding LEGO WWII aircraft models? I’d love to see them!

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