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I have always appreciated scale modeling.  I love the attention to detail and the accuracy of good weathering.  It seems tough to do in LEGO, but these LEGO wrecks show it’s not impossible.

[Air] F4U-4 "Corsair" Wreck [Right Side]

LEGO Wrecks in all Their Glory

These LEGO wrecks are simple and beautiful.  And they tell a story.  I am instantly reminded of all the WWII books I have ever read and my history studies.  Check out the rust on the exposed metal.  The faded paint is well done as well.  I really like how nature has crept up around these wrecks showing the passage of time.

Japan, sept. 1946.

Have you ever tried your hand at scale modeling, or is it strictly LEGO for you?

Check out more stunning work by Maelven.

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