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Every LEGO town needs a variety of LEGO vehicles.  The question is at what scale?  6-wide?  8-wide?  What if I told you good old-fashioned 4-wide is the way to go?  Don’t believe me?  Check out these impressive 4-wide LEGO vehicles.

Blue Pickup

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Ok, so this one stretches the limit to 5-wide, but look at that detail!  I love those fender flares.  This cute little build is impressive, won’t take up a lot of space, and will look great cruising down your LEGO roads.  I think what I like most about these models is that they remind me of Classic Town vehicles from my childhood.  They just feel right.

Ice Delivery Truck

SNOT built lettering on a 4-wide?  Come one.  This is genius!  I love how squat this delivery truck looks.

Pickup and Hod Rot

This little combo might look better on my LEGO streets that the official Speed Champions set it was based on.  Because these models are better scaled to minifigures, they will look better next to minifigure scaled buildings. Both the pickup and hot rod are done beautifully.

What scale do you build your LEGO vehicles in your LEGO layout?

Check out more awesome work by de-marco.

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