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I seem to have been on a LEGO castle kick lately so today I’m going to get back to modular LEGO city creations; specifically a LEGO train station.

LEGO train station - creation diary 7(railroad station)

Modular LEGO train station

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a modular style LEGO train station before, and that makes this one extra special.  I love modular LEGO buildings, and really love seeing new ideas for them!  This is the perfect way to incorporate your LEGO trains into your LEGO city.  This MOC is unique for another reason though; it’s size.  To my eye, this modular MOC seems to be 50% wider than the standard.

edguy creation diary 7(railroad station)

Uniqueness aside, this is still a wonderful creation. I love the details found in this LEGO train station:

  • The trees and flowers out front
  • the angled door handles
  • The massive stair rails
  • Almost every part of the facade is textured in some way

creation diary 7(railroad station)

creation diary 7(railroad station)

creation diary 7(railroad station)

It’s just an all around great LEGO model. The only issue I can see is that there is no sidewalk in front so it doesn’t match up with other modular LEGO buildings.

Check out more LEGO creations by Lee Young on Flickr.

Have you ever seen a modular LEGO train station?

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