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Last week, I posted about the incredible LEGO Star Wars photography of Legoagogo.  Well, today i bring you some of his LEGO Super Heroes photography!

Iron Man : Evolution

Just as with his LEGO Star Wars pictures, his LEGO Super Heroes images are very whimsical, and are very creative.

Iron Man : Arrival at Stark Tower

While his lighting skills are evident in these LEGO Super Heroes pictures as well, Legoagogo showcases a lot more of his Photoshop skills as well. You see a lot of lens flare and similar effects.

A Gotham Knight
Batman : Friend or Foe

In the image below, Legoagogo shows that he is equally adept recreating iconic LEGO Super Heroes scenes as he is LEGO Star Wars. This is probably one of my favorite photos.

Hulk to the rescue

I’m not sure how he created the blurred bricks in the foreground, but I suspect the use of After Effects. I wonder if they are 3D renders…

What do you think of these LEGO Super Heroes creations?

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