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All AFOLs suffer from LEGO storage issues.  Here’s a brilliant LEGO storage idea you can build yourself.  And cheaply, too!

Pick-a-Brick Cup Shelves

A LEGO Storage Idea For Small Spaces

Before I get any deeper into this LEGO storage idea, let me just say how much I appreciate the craftsmanship.  I probably won’t make mine this pretty, but my man has some skills.  Love all the rounded edges, the distressed wood look, and the plugs covering the screw heads.  Just beautifully done.

Pick-a-Brick Cup Shelves

I’ve posted other LEGO storage solutions in the past, but this one is so simple.  Basically, get some planks of wood, drill holes large enough to accommodate the PaB cups you have all over the place, and find some brackets to mount them with.  This beautifully designed solution fits perfectly behind the door!  No wasted space here.

Pick-a-Brick Cup Shelves

Got another brillaint LEGO storage idea?  Share it with us in the comments!

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