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LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles is yet another gorgeous LEGO Star Wars book from DK. This one is devoted to all things Yoda.LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles cover

  • Published by DK Publishing
  • Released August, 2013
  • Written by Daniel Lipkowitz
  • $24.99 USA/Canada
  • Includes an exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure

LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles is a deceivingly thick book, but has a gorgeous holographic cover.  Half of the thickness is to accomodate the exclusive Special Forces Commander minifigure.  Not crazy about this one; especially the helmet.  The eyes are a little wonky.
LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles special forces commanderI’m not familiar with the show, but I still enjoyed the book.  My favorite parts are the sections devoted to official LEGO Star Wars sets.LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles setsI also enjoyed the sections in LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles devoted to various characters.  Even the most seasoned Star Wars fan will learn something new!LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles charactersThere are a lot of pages in LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles devoted to pages like this filled with interesting factoids.LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles contentWhile this isn’t my favorite LEGO Star Wars book by DK, I certainly enjoyed it.  I think younger fans of LEGO and Star Wars will, too.

From DK

Ever wanted to find out all about Yoda? Well now’s your chance. LEGO® Star Wars™ the Yoda Chronicles tells you everything you need to know about the wise Jedi Master. Plus every copy comes with an exclusive LEGO® minifigure. Brand new colour photography shows Yoda in action against enemies such as Count Dooku and General Grievous. Read about where Yoda came from, visit the Jedi High Council and meet fellow Jedi knights like Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi. See how Yoda trained Anakin Skywalker and then his son Luke and watch as he uses the Force to lift an X-Wing from the swamps of Dagobah. LEGO® Star Wars™ the Yoda Chronicles is a must have for all fans of LEGO® and Star Wars™, the perfect companion to all there is to know about this small but mighty Jedi. Read about his life; from the very beginning in Coruscant to his final battles with the Empire itself.


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