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My MOC of the Week is this incredible LEGO Star Wars X-Wing by Khaled Yousef.  Khaled is becoming a regular here.  I recently featured his LEGO Star Destroyer as a MOC of the week, too!

With his version of the iconic X-Wing, Khaled has achieved the proper lines and angles, yet his model looks sturdy and swooshable. A lot of X-Wing models out there look too fragile; like they will fall apart if you pick them up.

LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 0 4K

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing checking in!

The engines and the cockpit area really stick out for me.  I love the way the cockpit is angled so it slopes right into the fuselage.  The engines blend right into the wings, too.  You don’t realize how complicated the angles are on a LEGO Star Wars X-Wing until you try buidling one from scratch!

LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 1 4K

The underside of this model look great, too.  Unlike many LEGO Star Wars X-Wing models out there, this version does a good job of not showing too much of the wing mechanisms when the S-Foils are in attack position.  My only critic, are the gaps along the edges of the fuselage.  I wonder if the fuselage was filled in with white bricks if it would conceal this better.

LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 4 4K
LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 5 4K
LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 3 4K

LOVE this cut away view.  I love when Master Builders give us a peek inside their creations.  I always find this inspiring.

LEGO Star Wars - T-65 X-Wing 7 4K

Just a gorgeous model.  Love it!

What is the sweetest LEGO Star Wars X-Wing you’ve seen?

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