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LEGO Star Wars Figures - Not sure what to call them! - All About The Bricks
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Earlier this month I showed you some really cool LEGO Star Wars midiscale figures.  I’m not sure what to call these new LEGO Star Wars figures.


New LEGO Star Wars Figures

I guess these LEGO Star Wars figures are more like mini sculptures.  I don’t think they are articulated in any way.  What I do know is they are highly detailed, very creative, and beautiful.

Jabba the Hutt

It helps when the creator has incredible photography skills, too.  I love the composition and the lighting.

These are no small models, and I think they would look wonderful displayed on a desk in an office.  An interesting talking piece when someone stops by to visit.

R2-D2 (Jabba´s Sail Barge)

What do you think of these wonderful works of art?

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