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Since I began my LEGO 365 Project in April, I’ve spent a lot of time on Instagram.  These LEGO special effects are some of the coolest I’ve come across.

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LEGO Special Effects Make For Stunning Images

Now that I look at these images closer, these could be considered LEGO practical effects as much as special effects.  In the image above, I love the kinetic energy.  You see a car in what appears to be a roll over crash.  Parts are flying.  Dust and debris are kicked up into the air.  And Boba Fett calmly stands there.  😉

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I love the murky fog low on the ground.  Love the darkness of this shot even though it’s beautifully illuminated.  I feels like the middle of the night, but everything can be seen clearly.

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This might be some of the most beautiful LEGO photography I’ve seen yet.  Who are some of your favorite LEGO photographers?

Check out more beautiful shots by Hue Hughes on Instagram.

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