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Over the weekend, I built out a LOT of LEGO roads for Brick Arbor. The road plates LEGO makes are nice, but Brick Arbor needs better.

How the LEGO roads of Brick Arbor are built

I start with laying down a layer of plates to form the base.

LEGO City construction

When I build, I’m very economical with colors that are highly desirable in my LEGO city creations.  Gray and dark gray can be used anywhere, so I don’t want to bury it where it won’t be seen.  As you can see, I used red to build my base.  Red is too bright to be useful in most of what I build, so I went with it.

I also don’t need to cover every stud of my LEGO roads.  I don’t waste bricks or plates!LEGO City construction

I covered my base layer of plates with 2×2 light gray tiles.  I carefully planned out the voids in my base so that each 2×2 tile covers at least 3 studs.  This makes it very solid despite the holes underneath.

Be warned.  This method uses a LOT of tiles.  I buy entire large cups of them when they are in stock at the LEGO Store Pick-a-Brick wall.  I think I went through 2 and a half cups this weekend.

LEGO City construction

I also throw in several other plates as you can see.  The 2×2 plates will hold traffic signals, tree planters, streetlights, etc.  The 2×2 jumpers will hold posed minifigures.

The exposed studs above will eventually be covered, but I ran out of 1×2 and 1×1 light gray tiles.

What do you think?  How do you build lego roads?

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