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Today’s review is of the LEGO Play Book from DK Publishing.  Like all DK books, the LEGO Play Book is beautiful, and well put together.  There is no substitute for a good hardcover book!  DK was generous enough to give me two copies of this book.  I will announce a new contest tomorrow, so stayed tuned for your change to win a copy of the LEGO Play Book.  You, to, can learn new “Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life”!

DK LEGO Play Book

Read the LEGO Play Book to bring your bricks to life!

Publication Date: 09/02/13
Author: Daniel Lipkowitz
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781409327516
Age: From 7 years
Price: $24.99 USD

This book, like many other LEGO books, is laidout in various chapters, with each chapter being dedicated to a well know LEGO builder.  These builders include some of my favorites like Tim Goddard and Pete Reid.

The book starts out with several pages getting you to think about how you want to build with your LEGO bricks.  What bricks do you have lots of?  What colors do you have?  What do you do if you don’t have the perfect piece?  It then goes on to show numerous types of bricks, and tells what they are referred to; 1×2 brick with axle hole, 1×1 plate with horizontal clip, etc.  I feel this really put me in to my LEGO thinking brain!

I think my favorite part of the book is how it highlights the simple things; the details that are often overlooked yet bring a LEGO creation to life.  Look at all the patio furniture in the excerpt below.  What pool doesn’t have an abundance of deck chairs?  It’s these kind of things that I currently strive to include in my own models.


Some advice seems so obvious, but many builders never consider it.  Take “The Perfect Fit” for example.  How do you make sure your creation is the right size, and your minifigures will fit?  Build your model AROUND a minifigure to guarantee the perfect fit!

While I am primarily a minifig scale builder, I really appreciate the talent it takes to build in micro scale.  To get the kind of detail pictured below at the small a scale is truly incredible to me.
This book is a lot of fun to thumb through, and should provide you with many ideas for fleshing out your own LEGO models, and transforming them into something truly special!

From the Publisher:

LEGO® Play Book proves it. You can build anything with a LEGO brick in your hand

LEGO® Play Book contains a collection of all-new LEGO building ideas that will inspire you to play with your favorite LEGO models in new and exciting ways.

Organised in imaginatively themed chapters, covering everything from a LEGO safari and life under the sea to extreme sports and beach scenes. This book is designed to teach you how to get the most play out of your LEGO models. With over 200 building ideas and tips, including suggestions for “ten-minute builds”, “cool brick” features and “a handful of bricks”, you’ll discover endless LEGO possibilities. Advice from LEGO fan builders encourages you to get creative while developing your LEGO skills and knowledge of new bricks and tricks.

With a mixture of LEGO models, from the very simplest to the more complex, LEGO® Play Book is perfect for everyone; for beginners and more accomplished builders alike.

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