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My favorite LEGO theme right now is the modular building series.  The LEGO Neighborhood book by Brian and Jason Lyles is dedicated to the modular LEGO standard.  This book is PERFECT for me!

This book literally shows you how to “build your own town”!

LEGO Neighborhood book

  • Published by no starch publishing
  • Released September 2014
  • Written by Brian Lyles and Jason Lyles
  • $19.95 USA
  • 204 pages packed with images and instructions for modular LEGO buildings

I fell in love with the modular style of LEGO building with the first release; the Cafe Corner.  The buildings in the LEGO Neighborhood book would look great with all the modular buildings released by LEGO.  And this book is giving me the inspiration I need to sit down, and design some myself.

Modular LEGO examples

What I love most about the buildings featured in the LEGO Neighborhood book is that every part of them is designed, and designed well.  Every piece serves a purpose.  Look at the building above.  I love the lower wall details and the mosaic section above them.  I love the columns flanking the second story windows and the wedge plates decorating the top.  The third floor is no different.  I love the ornate windows next to the turret, and I love the railings in front of the windows.  Just beautiful.

A section of the book I particularly liked features pictures of real life architectural details, deconstructs them into uniques sections, and shows how the look & feel can be achieved with LEGO bricks.  Very inspiring!

LEGO town details

The LEGO Neighborhood book doesn’t just focus on exteriors either.  There is plenty of information and inspiration for interior builds and details that really flesh out your display like street lights, park benches, and parking meters; things you don’t usually think about when building LEGO models.

Modular LEGO instructions

This book even gives you step-by-step instructions for building a number of modular LEGO buildings.  It even gives you parts lists you can use to find what you need before you get started recreating them,

LEGO interiors

This book is easily one of my favorite LEGO books.  If you are a town fan, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  While I build out my LEGO town, the LEGO Neighborhood book will be at my side providing inspiration the entire time.

What’s your favorite LEGO book?

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