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Every now and then, you come across a LEGO model that just blows toy away.  This LEGO Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep in one such model.  Behold!

LEGO Helm's Deep
LEGO Lord of the Rings

Eurolock wanted to take the official LEGO Helm’s Deep set, and expand on it.  And boy, did he ever.  This is one of the best LEGO Lord of the Rings creations I’ve ever seen.  He started with LEGO Lord of the Rings – The Battle of Helm’s Deep 9474 to set his scale, and to serve for the base of his model.

LEGO Helm's Deep

Using the main gate as a starting point, and the movies for reference, Eurolock recreated, and beautifully captured almost every detail of Helm’s Deep. He added 90% of a second Helm’s Deep and several PAB cups of gray pieces from his local LEGO store.


Personally, I love Eurolock’s approach to this project. Keeping the scale the same, and most of the set intact, is genius. I’d love to see more models done in this manner.

Inside the keep

And I love how accurately he has recreated the sets from the film. Stunning work.

And the best part? It’s totally modular so you can get to all the various sections. The great hall. The caves. The passageways. it’s all there!


One of the most impressive MOCs I’ve seen in quite some time…


So? What do you think? Impressive, is it not? Gives me so much inspiration to try my hand at something similar. I would love to have a large LEGO Lord of the Rings display piece like this in my office. Minas Tirith, perhaps…

Check out more pictures in Eurolock’s Flickr feed.

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