LEGO LED lighting

I was fortunate enough recently to have received an evaluation kit from Brickstuff; makers of LEGO LED lighting. (Full review forthcoming!)  I finally had an opportunity to really sit down and play with it, and I have to say, it’s awesome!


I also recently picked up LEGO 9516 Jabba’s Palace.  I thought it was a natural setting for my first tests.  For these shots, I used the official LEGO build for the most part.  I only swapped out a few pieces to allow for the installation of the LEDs and to run the wires.


This shot is a close up of one of the light sconces I added. The LEGO LED lighting is installed in a tan 1×1 brick with side stud. The LED is installed through the bottom of the brick, and I used one of the trans orange bulbs to achieve the orange glow. (The bulb is one of those domed transparent pieces used recently on the ends of flick missiles.)  The wires are then sandwiched between the bricks and ran behind the wall.


Here’s a view from the back side of the same wall sconce. As you can see, the LED is so bright it glows through the side of the brick. And you can see how thin the wires really are.

As I mentioned, I’ll have a full review of the Brickstuff products themselves soon.  As well as more pictures of LEGO LED lighting!



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