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Up is one of my favorite Pixar films by far.  Such an endearing story.  I just love everything about it.  Recreating it in LEGO?  Makes me love it even more!

LEGO House - New Family Sig Figs

LEGO house from the movie Up!

Built by Travis and Calista, this LEGO house perfectly captures the look and feel of the Fredricksen’s house in Up.  They nailed the charm and whimsy of it.  I pray there will be more coming from this team of talented LEGO builders…

Their LEGO house looks perfect in this setting with the construction of a more modern world going on around them.



The vibrant colors, the patchwork roof…  All perfectly executed.  Just looking at these images makes me wish I had my copy of Up with me right now.  I’d love to watch it!Fredricksen_House_05

Not only is the LEGO house wonderful, but so too are the little details around it.  Love this little loader, the stacks of bricks waiting to be used, and the porta-potties.  Excellent attention to detail.Fredricksen_House_16_BTS


I just had to include this shot.  I love the lighting and the composition.Fredricksen_House_12_BTS


I REALLY hope there will be more coming from this LEGO couple.  They do fantastic work, and I will certainly blog more from them soon.  Can’t wait until I do?  Head over to Flickr and see more of their work.

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