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Here’s another LEGO Instagram account you should follow.  It’s full of incredible LEGO Game of Thrones pictures.  I will warn you.  Like the show, some of what you see will not be safe for younger viewers.

LEGO Game of Thrones Should Happen But Won’t

We never thought we’d get LEGO Lord of the Rings.  But we did.  I really want LEGO Game of Thrones, but I know we won’t.  While it is an incredibly rich and diverse story, it is far too adult for LEGO  We’ll just have to do it on our own, and enjoy creations like these.

I really appreciate the fact that all the minifigures shown here are built using official LEGO pieces.  I have not found one that was customized.

Are you a GoT fan?  Have you recreated any scenes in LEGO form?  I’d love to see them!

For more incredible images check of brixxss on Instagram.

I am an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) and an active member of the Michigan LEGO User Group (MichLUG). I have loved LEGO for as long as I can remember. I am currently working on the following models:
– UCS Millenium Falcon
– Emmett’s Apartment Building
– Gringott’s Bank

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