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A while back, a reader sent me a link to a LEGO builder who was building an incredible detailed LEGO house.  That LEGO builder is Brixe63, and today, I feature his incredibly detailed LEGO furniture.

LEGO furniture Cuusoo project - furniture pack - bedroom.02

Incredible detailed LEGO furniture for your LEGO house

I absolutely love that bedroom set.  The bed looks cozy, and the black trim on all the furniture really ties it all together.  I wonder how he did the mirror in the middle panel of the wardrobe?

This dining room reminds me of my grandma’s house.  She had a hutch very similar to this.  And the chairs are so simply elegant.  I’d love to get a closer look at the printed minifig head flower vase.  I wonder where it’s from?

Cuusoo project- furniture-dining room.01

The LEGO furniture in this set is very much my style, though I would need a much bigger bed.  I love the light wood look and feel.  Love the pencil holder.  I always have one of these on my desk!Cuusoo project - furniture pack - guestroom.02

This is a fantastic room for a LEGO child!  Not only is the LEGO furniture fun and functional, the room is packed with LEGO and Star Wars toys.  What LEGO Star Wars vehicles can you make out?Cuusoo project - furniture pack - child's room.01

Every LEGO house needs a LEGO sound system!  These floor standing speakers are sure to fill the room with sound.  I would have made the TV bigger though! ;-PCuusoo project - furniture pack - living room.01To see more incredible LEGO models by Brixe63, head over to Flickr.

Do you add LEGO furniture like this to your LEGO models?


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