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It has been a long time coming, but A LEGO a Day will soon be All About The Bricks!

plentyofcolour_confetti5When I started A LEGO a Day it was with the intention of posting a LEGO related photograph every day for 365 days.  Sadly, I fell well short of that mark.  I did however, succeed in many other ways including:

  • I forced myself to build more, and continue to do so.  I no longer hoard LEGO as my wife likes to say.  I now play with them and create things.
  • I met a lot of great people along the way.  I interact with several people through this website, and I have a strong following on Twitter.  I don’t want to lose a single one of you!

Changing the name from A LEGO a Day to All About The Bricks will let me rebrand, and refocus my website in many ways:

  • The website will be, well, All About The Bricks.  I will still focus on LEGO brand bricks, and LEGO related things.
  • Losing “LEGO” in the title and the URL will open up commercial opportunities.
  • I will no longer feel the pressure to produce daily content.

In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal, but it’s a big deal to me.  While it will be sad moving away from this name, I do look forward to the future and bringing you bigger and better things.  And who knows?  Maybe I can relaunch my 365 project again at some point.  If I do, I will be sure to have PLENTY of content built up before doing so!

One more thing.  Be on the lookout for another LEGO related website from me in the near future; Master Built Bricks, but more about that later!  😉



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