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What are LEGO Dark Ages? If you’re an AFOL, you’ve probably already gone through them. You might not even know it. LEGO Dark Ages are the period of time you set all your LEGO aside in favor of other interests, usually the opposite sex ;-), up until that time you once again find that love of the brick.  For many AFOLs, their interest in LEGO is rekindled when they find others like themselves on the internet.

LEGO Dark Ages

LEGO Dark Ages – Share your story!

I remember exactly when my LEGO Dark Ages began.  It was the summer between elementary school and junior high.  I realized I was going to meet new friends, and I was becoming more and more aware of girls at the time.  I felt like it was time to grow up.  I boxed up all my toys; my Star Wars* figures, my Hot Wheels cars, and my LEGO.  Deep down, I must have known that I would want these things again at some point.  They were carefully packed, meticulously labeled, and lovingly stored away.

That was probably the summer of 1983.  I honestly don’t think I even thought about LEGO during those intervening years.  It took a very thoughtful gift from a very special person to bring me out of my LEGO Dark Ages.

It was Christmas of 1996. (I think.  It may have been 1997 though…)  I was given LEGO as a present.  It was the Hemlock Stronghold.

LEGO 6046 Hemlock Stronghold

I remember looking at the gift-giver funny, and she said, “I think everyone should get a toy for Christmas.”  Today, that girl is my wife.  ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, my re-emergence was slow, but it had begun.  I remember browsing the internet and coming across people customizing their LEGO minifigures into Star Wars figures.  I began dabbling in this, and that led me to start buying a little set here and there.  Once I stared to see the possibilities LEGO held, my LEGO Dark Ages were over!

So my LEGO Dark Ages lasted the better part of 13 years.  How long did your’s last?  Share your story with us!

*It’s funny.  I don’t remember exactly what my last LEGO set I got before entering my LEGO Dark Ages, but I remember the last Star Wars figure I bought.  it was the Scout Trooper from Return of the Jedi.

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