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I still remember the first time I saw the LEGO Architecture sets.  We were visiting the LEGO Store in Chicago and had just visited the Sears Tower.  ( I am a traditionalist.  It will always be the Sears Tower to me.  I do not recognize the Willis Tower. )  As soon as my son saw it, he just had to have it, and I was happy to get it for him.  I was drawn to the dark packaging and the simplicity of the design.  It was so un-LEGO, but I loved it.

The LEGO Architecture Visual Guide reminded me of that first impression.

LEGO Architecture Visual Guide

The LEGO Architecture Visual Guide is a visually stunning book.  It’s big.  It’s dark.  It’s elegant.  And it’s full of incredible LEGO architectural models.  As much as I love the LEGO Architecture theme, I don’t own a single set.  🙁  While I appreciate them for what they are, they just don’t lend themselves to what I like to build.  This makes the LEGO Architecture Visual Guide perfect for me; it lets me see, and appreciate, all these amazing models in one place.
LEGO Architecture I think every model in the LEGO Architecture series is represented in the Lego Architecture Visual Guide, and each model gets its own section.  The beginning of the book has information about the series in general; when an how it started, the artist and builder creative process, size comparisons, et.  After that, each model has a beautiful two page spread that features the name and a gorgeous rendering.
LEGO Architecture Visual GuideNext, we are treated a little bit about the model; why it was chosen as subject matter, design challenges it presented, etc.  We also get a quote from the LEGO Artist, and a couple of images.
LEGO ArchitectureThe LEGO Architecture Visual Guide then goes on to go more in depth with each model.  We get the basic stats like the set number, piece count, and release date, but we get so much more.  We get more insights from the artists and builders.  I very much enjoyed reading why certain pieces were chosen to represent certain things. I’m always intrigued by the artistic process of others.  No only is it inspirational, it lets me look at things in different ways.
LEGO ArchitectureOne of the coolest features of the LEGO Architecture Visual Guide is the In Focus pages.  It offers exploded views of the models so you can get an idea of how things are constructed.  The more construction techniques you’re exposed to, the better builder you can become!
LEGO Architecture Visual GuideFinally, we’re treated to more information about the original subject matter.  While I was familiar with most of the models in the LEGO Architecture series, there were some I knew very little about.  I enjoyed reading about these structures and learning more about them.

What do you think of the LEGO Architecture series?  Do you collect them?

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781409355724
Size: 260 x 260mm
Pages : 232
Publication date: 08 Sep 2014
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Author: Philip Wilkinson

From the Publisher

LEGO® Architecture: The Visual Guide is a stunning guide to the LEGO Architecture series and to the iconic buildings that inspired it.

Celebrate the past, present and future of architecture with the amazing LEGO Architecture sets which showcase incredible buildings from around the world. From the Empire State Building and the Guggenheim, to Farnsworth House, LEGO®Architecture: The Visual Guide reveals amazing exploded images of the LEGO Architecture models, showing every LEGO brick involved in the build.

You’ll explore the profiles of the LEGO artists and builders who created the LEGO Architecture sets in new amazing levels of detail, getting to know everything about their creative processes and their designing and building techniques. You’ll also be taken on an in-depth exploration of the real buildings from around the world on which the LEGO Architecture series is based and learn why the LEGO team chose each inspiring building and how they recreated it in LEGO bricks.

LEGO® Architecture: The Visual Guide is perfect for architects, designers and architecture enthusiasts of all ages.

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