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I don’t know if I’ve ever featured a LEGO airplane before, but this baby is too beautiful not to share.


LEGO airplane

Built by mrutek, this LEGO airplane looks like a scale model at first glance.  There is a lot to note in this MOC:

  • I count 25 exposed studs.  Amazing!
  • The graceful lines, and curves, on the fuselage and the wings.
  • All that dark green!

The only thing that disappoints me even slightly is the non-functional landing gear.



This model is simply elegant.  Design wise, I would not change a think.  If this were offered as a kit, I would certainly buy it, and display it proudly.4


I think the Naboo Starfighter canopy really made it possible for MOC builders to build LEGO airplane models like this.3What do you think?  Any other excellent LEGO airplane builders out there?


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