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Today I am reviewing the most recent seasonal set LEGO 40237 Easter.  It’s a little set, but it’s packed with cute and a great selection of parts.


The LEGO pieces come in three bags, with a larger lime green plate all by itself.


The minifigs in the LEGO 40237 Easter set are quite nice.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the face nor torso prints on the mom before.  And something about the kid’s face makes it obvious that it’s a child.  Both minifigures have great hairpieces, too


Here are some of the great parts I mentioned, and they come in decent quantities.

Excellent parts found in the LEGO 40237 Easter set

  • 12 1×2 masonry bricks in tan. I do believe this is the first time these have been available in this color
  • 8 1×2 palisade bricks in dark brown
  • 6 1×2 bricks in dark tan
  • 3 1x4x2 lattice fences in black
  • 3 Easter eggs in blue, gray, and white
  • 1 lime green wheelbarrow.  I believe this is a new color for this part as well.
4 (2)

This set basically consists of three mini models in addition to the minifigures and the wheelbarrow.  Each of the mini models has a cute play feature that hides an Easter egg.  In one, the egg is hidden in the mailbox.  In the middle one, it’s hidden in the chicken coop.  (I forgot to mention the set comes with a chicken, too!)  Lastly, the third egg is hidden under the carrots in the planter box.

5 (2)

I believe this is the first seasonal LEGO set I actually built, and I’m glad I did.  I think any fan of LEGO would really enjoy finding this in their Easter basket this year.  It’s a great little set, and a good value, too.

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