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This LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon build is going to be a looooooong project.  But that’s ok.  In Michigan, we’re getting ready for a loooooooong winter.

I estimate I’ve rummaged through 15% of my LEGO collection, and I’ve already amassed over 28% of the pieces for my very own interpretation of the LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon!  By Sunday, I hope to be at 50%.  A soon as I have enough parts from my stash, I’ll take a good hard look at the construction of the frame for this beast.  It uses a LOT of technic pieces, and those are wear I think I will be short.  That will lead to my first few LEGO orders from Bricklink, Pick-a-Brick (Pab), and Bricks & Pieces (Bnp).

Stay tuned for more!

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