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There are a lot of incredible AT-AT models out there, but I am blown away by the level of detail in this midi scale LEGO AT-AT.  The detail rivals that of much larger LEGO AT-AT models.


This midi scale LEGO AT-AT is beautiful

The body is perfect.  As are the legs.  The design choices, like the inverted dishes at the knees, are well thought out.  My only concern is the head.  It looks a bit long.  Or maybe it’s too thin.  Perhaps a combination of both?  It just feels off, but it does not detract for the overall beauty of the model.

imperial walkers on the north ridge

This picture is perfect.  It looks like a still right out of The Empire Strikes Back.  I’d love to see all four AT-ATs from the movie marching across a frozen tundra.  And how cute is that chicken walker?

For more detailed pics, including comparison shots between this midi scale LEGO AT-AT and the current Last Jedi AT-M6, head over to Brick Fanatics.

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I am an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) and an active member of the Michigan LEGO User Group (MichLUG). I have loved LEGO for as long as I can remember. I am currently working on the following models:
– UCS Millenium Falcon
– Emmett’s Apartment Building
– Gringott’s Bank

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