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Yes, I’m back. Back again. Go tell a friend. Well, I think I’m back. I hope I am!

2018 turned out to be a VERY busy year for me.  I did something I NEVER thought I’d do again.  Well, a couple things, actually.

First, we decided to move.

For a variety of reasons, I thought the old house was it.  That was the last one for me.  But things change.  And I saw an opportunity to have the space I always wanted to realize my LEGO dreams!  More to come on all that later…

Selling a house isn’t the worst experience in the world.  PREPPING to sell might be one of them.  Prepping the house took weeks.  We needed to make small repairs.  We needed to update the look & feel.  And we had to purge.

We threw out a lot of stuff, but a lot of stuff went into storage.  Some stuff, namely my LEGO collection, went to my childhood bedroom at my parents house.  I am going there every few weeks to bring a load of stuff home.  And I have weeks to go.

Then the move itself was another ordeal.  Living with boxes stacked in every open space.  Not being able to find anything.  Physically moving things from one place to the other.  I won’t be in a hurry to do this again!

Second, we decided to build our new home.

I have never had the desire to do this, but we could not pass up this opportunity.  The neighborhood is what pushed us to make this decision.  Our kids friends live there.  Our friends live there.  And it’s just beautiful.

Once we looked at the model home, there was no turning back.  It was perfect.  It addressed every issue we learned to deal with in the old house.  (If you’re interested, I’ll detail these in a future post.)

Dealing with contractors and making tons of decisions about the build always scared me, so I never even considered building a house.  The builder in our sub was perfect.  He offered a few different floor plans, and a limited number of options to choose from.  It was perfect!

The results of an almost year long process are totally worth it.  Our new home is beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier!

Finally, I hope to get back to LEGO!

Now I have plenty of space for my LEGO.  I have room to store it, to sort it, to organize it, and most importantly, room to display it!  It’s a journey though, and one that I will enjoy, and one that I will share with you.

Currently, I’m sorting out some Large LEGO Lots (LLL) I’ve bought over the years.  Once they’re sorted, I’m going to work on piecing together as many sets as possible.  These sets will be sold to recoup my investment, but to also raise funds to purchase tables for my display.  What I don’t sell will be added back to the collective.

More to come.  Stay tuned!

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