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Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your life?  Or a LEGO fan in general?  Christmas is right around the corner!  Do you need to find that special something for them?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!  I have a bunch of Harry Potter LEGO sets posted on Bricklink currently.  I’m trying to raise money to fund some of my own LEGO projects!

Check out these hard to find Harry Potter LEGO sets!

If you’re interested, visit my Bricklink store, Wolverine Bricks.

4702 The Final Challenge


4705 Snape’s Class 4705-1

4706 Forbidden Corridor 4706-1

4738 Hagrid’s Hut (3rd edition) 4738-1

4755 Knight Bus 4755-1

4842 Hogwarts Castle (4th edition) 4842-1

4867 Hogwarts 4867-130110 Trolley polybag 30110-1


Do you have any big LEGO projects in the works for the winter months?

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