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Happy New Year to all my fellow LEGO fans!  I hope you had as much fun as I did ringing in the new year.

I have big LEGO plans for 2017.  We had people over to celebrate New Year’s Eve, so that means we had to do a deep clean on our house.  This had the wonderful side effect of forcing me to clean my LEGO building area.  And I intend to keep it clean and organized so I can do some actual building.

Some of my plans include:

  • Emmet’s apartment building from the LEGO Movie
  • A proper minifig scaled AT-AT
  • My pickup truck and camper

I have other projects in mind, but it would be premature to talk about them.  If I get through these, I will be happy.  I also plan to be more involved with my local LUG; MichLUG.

What are your LEGO plans for 2017?

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