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Avengers assemble!

The Avengers have fallen to pieces.

Lego Avengers!  Uhhhhhh, assemble?  Our heroes have really gone to pieces in their battle with Loki.  Hopefully, when Captain America, Ironman, and Black Widow arrive, they can pull themselves together!

I just got the Lego Hulk Helicarrier Breakout 6868, and have to admit it’s better than I thought.  Looking at the box, I thought the playset was bad, and it really is, but it has cool features like the breakaway prison chamber.  I thought the little jet looked weak, but was pleasantly surprised to be wrong about that.  It is well designed, and has great whooshability.  The minifigures are fantastic though.  The Hulk can only be found in this set, and he does not disappoint.  While the others (Thor, Loki, & Hawkeye) can be found elsewhere, they are all solid minifigs.

Overall all, this is a great set.

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