Day 106 – Lego Classic Space – such memories

Classic space - ahhhh, the memories.

Classic space – ahhhh, the memories.

I was fortunate enough to come a cross a lot of Lego Classic Space sets for sale on Craigslist recently.  Lego Classic Space holds such dear memories for me.  Always takes me back to a simpler time.

Galaxy Explorer was my all time favorite set I had.  What was/is your favorite Lego Classic Space set?




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4 thoughts on “Day 106 – Lego Classic Space – such memories

  1. It would be a tie between the Mobile Rocket Transport and the Star Fleet Voyager. Both of which were priority items, when I started rebuilding my collection.

  2. We on,y have one small space set. It belonged to my husband. I’m not even sure what set it is but it came 4 astronauts (we don’t have the black one)

    • I had a bunch of space sets when I was a kid. I really need to see if I can get any of them back together. I never had the black nor blue astronauts when I was a kid.

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