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I just came across this beautiful LEGO work station on Flickr. I love the simplicity of it’s design, and I wish I would have seen it before I started designing my LEGO storage unit.

You have to appreciate the nod to LEGO design in the circular cutouts throughout this piece, as well as the use of Pick-a-Brick (PaB) lids.

LEGO Working Station

A practical LEGO work station

The thing I like most about this unit is how the work surface folds up and stows away in the cabinet.  This gives the whole thing a small footprint, and can be out of the way when you’re not building.  I’m not sure where the legs go when the top folds up, but I asked the question of the designer.

LEGO Working Station

While there’s not a ton of storage space integrated into this LEGO work station, there is plenty for someone that builds very specific models.  The designer of this unit builds micro skylines so I can see this being just enough for him.  I love the use of PaB cups, too.  Who doesn’t have a ton of those laying around!  The way the PaB cups sit in the cutouts in the work surface is brilliant.  Who hasn’t reached for something while building, and swatted a storage bin accidentally, sending a shower of colored ABS raining down onto the floor!

LEGO Working Station

Not only is it great for building, it’s also perfect for displaying your creations, too.  If I can figure out a way to incorporate some of these functional elements into my project, I certainly will.

LEGO Working Station

This work of art was designed by Rocco Buttliere. I encourage you to check out his Flickr, and see some of his awesome LEGO creations.

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