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This review is different for this blog, but I think some of you LEGO photographers might find it useful.  Today, I give you my After Photo review. After Photo is a photo editing app for iOS.  You have to give After Photo access to your camera roll, but once you do, you can use it to make basic edits to your pictures.

After Photo Review: What you need to know

If I remember correctly, I found After Photo when I was looking for an app to add captions to pictures.  While it does offer this functionality, it is vary basic.  Unless you spend the money to install more fonts.  And the fancy fonts aren’t available yet.

Unless I’m missing something in the free version, there doesn’t seem to be a way to position your text.  It just shows up in the middle of the picture.  Basically, the only thing you can change is the fill color.

And the stroke, but stroke is a misnomer here.  From everything I’ve learned, the stroke refers top the outline of the text, and the fill is color inside the text.  If I choose both fill and stroke colors, I assume my text will be two colors.  In After Photo, it seems you get one or the other.  And I don’t see an option for changing the size of the text.

Just like Instagram, there are a bunch of filters included with the app.  Some of them are really nice, but this doesn’t really offer me anything that Instagram doesn’t.

Like almost every other app I’ve seen, you can adjust common things like brightness, contrast, exposure, and warmth.

The adjustments in After Photo that I do like are vignette and blur.  Vignette gives you a nice dark edge around your picture which can be made bigger.  Blur does just what you’d expect.  It blurs your image.  THis would be really useful if the text tools were better.  It would call attention to your caption.

Another cool feature of After Photo is texture.  This feature allows you to add a texture over your image.  There are cool lens flare textures, grainy textures, etc.  Used in conjunction with some of the adjustments and filters, it can give you some pretty cool effects.

One thing I can’t figure out is the layer section.  It doesn’t seem to truly add layers.  If it did, that could be useful.

Starting with picture 32 of my LEGO 365 project, I will use this app to edit my pictures for a week or so to really complete this After Photo review.

What apps are you using to edit your photos on your phone?  What’s your process?

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