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Wow.  I’ve seen awesome LEGO cars before.  I mean some really well designed LEGO cars.  They were nothing compared to this amazing LEGO Porsche.  I have never seen such a faithful representation of a LEGO car before.

LEGO Porsche 964

Built by Malte Dorowski, this LEGO Porsche is stunning in every way.  The elegant lines.  The stunning color scheme.  The working doors!

LEGO Porsche 964

If you’ve seen a better looking  LEGO Porsche, or any other LEGO vehicle, I’d love to see it.  For more of Malte’s work, visit Flick.

LEGO Porsche 964

The designer and photographer in me also appreciates the presentation pf this exquisite model.  I love the reflective surface it sits on, and love the poster design.  Truly wonderful work.  Can’t wait to see more…

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