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We are All About The Bricks.  LEGO bricks, that is.  Are you?

In our house, LEGO has a big influence on our lives.  I’ve been into LEGO most of my life.  I’ve raised my kids as LEGO fans.  While my wife is not quite as excited about LEGO, she tolerates our obsession.  We have LEGO all around our house.  We talk about LEGO.  We build with LEGO bricks.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s all well and good, but why the blog?  Why THIS blog?

It’s true.  There are a LOT of LEGO blogs out there, and there are a lot of GOOD LEGO blogs out there.  I hope to bring a slightly different perspective to the LEGO hobby.  This blog will be written from the viewpoint of a parent talking to other parents with children who adore LEGO bricks.  I hope to share my knowledge with them; my experiences.  I hope to show them inspiring models.  I hope to offer them honest reviews.  I hope to help them save money on their LEGO purchases, and to know what’s coming up.

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When I started this blog years ago, it was originally called A LEGO a Day.

What was A LEGO a Day?

It’s simple.  A LEGO a Day was my attempt at becoming a better photographer.  With A LEGO a Day, I embarked on a Photography 365 Project, and planned to post a different Lego inspired picture every day.

How would this make me a better photography?

I hoped this project would make me a better photography by forcing me to take pictures.  I was making a commitment, and I wanted to see it through.  I hoped to learn different techniques along the way as I found different inspiration.  I’d been shooting with my camera (Nikon D60) in full on automatic mode, and it was time to learn what this thing could do, and start going manual.

Hadn’t this been done before?

It had.  There is one individual in particular who most certainly inspired this project. Dan (I’m not sure what his last name is) has done this twice now.  His Lego 365 projects were awesome.  I truly enjoyed following them over time. I am a little embarrassed I didn’t realize his blog was named A Lego a Day.  I had it bookmarked as Lego365, and was thrilled when I found the domain available.  So Dan, I am sorry I shared your blog title.

Why Lego?

Because Lego is awesome.  I’ve been a huge fan a Lego since my childhood, and it has carried on well into adulthood.  It is a hobby I share with my children.  And I firmly believe, you are never too old for Lego.  If you haven’t sat down with a pile of little plastic bricks recently, I encourage you to do so!

Play well!

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