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So in my attempt to build my own 10179 Millenium Falcom, I’m slowly but surely going through my vast collection of LEGO to gather as many pieces as possible for this beauty.  I’ve gone through maybe 10% of my collection so far, and have put together quite a few pieces so far.  I think this will be doable!

I do want to preface this all by saying I do NOT plan to build an exact replica of LEGO’s 10179 Millenium Falcon.  I plan to use the 10179 Millenium Falcon as a guide, and will make improvements along the way.  Two big things I want to tackle are the interior and the cockpit.

Also, because the Falcon is an old piece of junk in the movie, I will freely mix old and new grays.  I will also use dark gray in place of black, light gray in place of dark gray, etc.  As long as it looks accurate, and good enough to me, I will freely substitute colors.  I will also go with the cheapest options as well.  For example, there are a LOT of gray and black technic beams in the 10179 Millenium Falcon.  The majority of them are part of the superstructure, and will never be seen.  For these pieces, cheaper is better in my opinion.  Yellow will do just as well!

What do you think of LEGO’s 10179 Millenium Falcon?  Do you have one?  Ever considered building one yourself?

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