LEGO Storage Unit

Wow.  I didn’t realize I’ve been away for a month and a half!  I know I’ve said it before, but I vow to change this!  No more long gaps in posting.  So.  What brings me back today? I thought I’d tell you about my LEGO Storage Unit.

What’s more important than LEGO?

But first, let me share the LEGO related things that have kept me away from you.  I have been trying to get through rebuilding the sets acquired in my latest Large LEGO Lot (LLL).  Progress was slow, and it quickly became apparent I needed to sort and organize the pieces.  After a few weeks work, that part is done, and I have gotten back to rebuilding.  This, however, illuminated another problem; storage.  I need room to store all the sorted and organized LEGO goodness; somewhere they will remain easily accessible. Continue reading

Diving into a Large LEGO Lot

I have a LOT of LEGO.

Let’s just get that out of the way. I have more LEGO than most toy stores.

And you know what?

I’m always looking for more! This is what led me to the recent purchase of a Large LEGO Lot* (LLL). Two purchases actually. Well, it was the same collection broken into two LLLs purchased a couple days apart. But I digress.

When this lot came up, I wasn’t thrilled with it, but thought I’d give it shot. I wish I would have saved the pictures in the first ad so you could see what I mean. It was a big bin filled with LEGO and partially built models. And there were four boxes in the background. Everything was priced at $250. I figured I’d ask what the boxes were, and then make them an offer. At this point I was thinking more like $150. When they responded, I was happy to hear one of the boxes was for the 75021 Republic Gunship. Sweet! I love that model.

The next box sealed the deal.

A 10228 Monster Fighters Haunted House. O. M. G. I reply immediately, “What’s your address? I’ll be right over.” At this point, I’m totally fine paying their asking price. No way am I missing this set on price. I get to their house, and as we’re talking, I peek inside the 10288 box. (It was opened) I was jumping up and down inside when I saw it full of sealed bags full of sand green bricks. I can’t get out of there fast enough. I handed over my cash, and they helped me load up. Then I was on my way!

I immediately started giving everything a once over. I was seeing tons of Star Wars stuff, but very few Star Wars minifigs. Weird. I saw The Batcave, but no Batman. Well that’s disappointing.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some. Or do you…

The next day at work, I see another ad for a large LEGO lot from the same city. Could it be? I quickly email the seller.

“Did you happen to sell another thing of Lego the other day?”
“Do you live at XXX?”
“Yes, I do”
“Perfect! I bought those, and would love to buy these.”
“You got ’em.”
“I’ll be over after work!”

No way was I going to miss this. I was hoping the missing minifigs would be in there. Here’s a picture of the second LLL.

Large LEGO Lot

I was was right. This large LEGO lot was packed full of more Star Wars sets, and a load of Star Wars minifigures. As I go through things, and re-built sets, I’ll post my progress.

After a quick scan of the second lot, still no Batman.

*Did I just coin a new phrase?  I think I just did!

LEGO Master Model Builder Competition

This weekend, I attended the LEGO Master Model Builder competition at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  This competition was actually a job interview.  The winner would be named the official LEGO Master Model Builder for the new Michigan LEGO Discovery Center set to open this Spring.

This was the first LEGO competition I’ve ever attended, and I was glad I went.  It was cool to watch.

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review (SPOILERS)

Today, I bring you something only slightly LEGO related.  Star Wars is my other obsession, so of course I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens on opening night.  It was so good, I saw it twice this weekend.  If the originals were 10’s, Star Wars The Force Awakens is a solid 9.  I had made up my mind that I probably wasn’t going to bother getting the new LEGO sets, but this movie changed my mind.  At the very Least I will pick up Poe’s X-Wing Fighter 75102 and the First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter 75101.

LEGO-Star-Wars-Poes-X-Wing--pTRU1-20241704dt LEGO-Star-Wars-First-Order--pTRU1-20265924dt

If you have not seen Star Wars The Force Awakens, stop reading.  Spoilers ahead!

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LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon update

Hi everyone. This is just a quick update on my LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon project. I have gone through roughly 25%-30% of my collection, and have amassed just over 40% of the parts I need for this beast!

LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon

Bricklinking the LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon is a big project!

While I look forward to getting this build started, it also has another unintended outcome. It is forcing me to comb through my collection, allowing me to remind myself what I have. I am also taking this opportunity to refine my sorting strategy. As I go through my parts, I am grabbing certain types of pieces (SNOT bricks for example) and putting them off the side for further refinement down the road. I also have a few other 2016 builds in mind (more on that later!), and as I see parts I think will be useful, I set them to the side as well.

Have you tried building any large, iconic LEGO sets using parts in your collection?  What was the biggest one you undertook?

DSO LEGO Display – 12/9 – 12/20

Last night, I helped setup the DSO LEGO Display with MichLUG. The DSO is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and it is a beautiful venue. Our display will be there form 12/9 – 12/20 and it is located on the 3rd floor.

Pictures of the 2016 MichLUG DSO LEGO display

This is only the third time I’ve displayed any of my models in a MichLUG display, and my first time at the DSO.  I provided a block of modulars and a bunch of LEGO Movie sets and created scenes from the film.

DSO LEGO display Movie scene

DSO Lego display street scene

As you can see, MichLUG displays are packed with details like sidewalks, trees, street lights, people, cars, etc.

DSO Lego display Detroit icons

There are even a few iconic Detroit buildings in this display.

Have you ever displayed your LEGO models in a public display?  How did you like the experience?

LEGO Star Wars Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy from DK – Review

I had the honor and the privilege of receiving an advance copy of the new LEGO Star Wars Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy book from DK Publishing.  Sadly, it came at a very busy time for me, and I am just now finding the time this book deserves for a review.

I have been a fan of the author, Vesa Lehtimaki (better known as Avanaut), for quite a while.  That’s why I was so thrilled to get this book in the mail.  I hadn’t heard anything about it!

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LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon update

This LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon build is going to be a looooooong project.  But that’s ok.  In Michigan, we’re getting ready for a loooooooong winter.

I estimate I’ve rummaged through 15% of my LEGO collection, and I’ve already amassed over 28% of the pieces for my very own interpretation of the LEGO 10179 UCS Falcon!  By Sunday, I hope to be at 50%.  A soon as I have enough parts from my stash, I’ll take a good hard look at the construction of the frame for this beast.  It uses a LOT of technic pieces, and those are wear I think I will be short.  That will lead to my first few LEGO orders from Bricklink, Pick-a-Brick (Pab), and Bricks & Pieces (Bnp).

Stay tuned for more!

10179 Millenium Falcon attempt

So in my attempt to build my own 10179 Millenium Falcom, I’m slowly but surely going through my vast collection of LEGO to gather as many pieces as possible for this beauty.  I’ve gone through maybe 10% of my collection so far, and have put together quite a few pieces so far.  I think this will be doable!

I do want to preface this all by saying I do NOT plan to build an exact replica of LEGO’s 10179 Millenium Falcon.  I plan to use the 10179 Millenium Falcon as a guide, and will make improvements along the way.  Two big things I want to tackle are the interior and the cockpit.

Also, because the Falcon is an old piece of junk in the movie, I will freely mix old and new grays.  I will also use dark gray in place of black, light gray in place of dark gray, etc.  As long as it looks accurate, and good enough to me, I will freely substitute colors.  I will also go with the cheapest options as well.  For example, there are a LOT of gray and black technic beams in the 10179 Millenium Falcon.  The majority of them are part of the superstructure, and will never be seen.  For these pieces, cheaper is better in my opinion.  Yellow will do just as well!

What do you think of LEGO’s 10179 Millenium Falcon?  Do you have one?  Ever considered building one yourself?

What’s up with All About the Bricks?

You may be asking yourself, “What’s up with All About the Bricks?” With my lack of usual post activity, this is a fair question!

Well, here’s what I’ve been up to. Nothing too exciting, sadly, though there are several LEGO related items…

  • I’ve had a huge spike in Bricklink sales.  This is good.  It will help finance some upcoming LEGO projects.  I can only assume this is pre-holiday shopping.  This all takes a lot of time to find the items, pack the items, and ship the items.
  • I’ve bought a few sets that I built as display pieces including the LEGO Birds set, The Big Bang Theory set, and the UCS Slave 1.  I plan on lighting this one up, and plan to learn LED lighting in the process.
  • I have decided to Bricklink the holy grail of LEGO for me; the 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon.  This is going to be a long, slow process.  I’ve gone through about 10% of my collection so far amassing pieces.  I want to Bricklink as little as possible.

So that’s it for me.  What have YOU been up to?  And if you can offer any advice on LED lighting, please share!